Saturday, June 6, 2009

Material Girls with Sue Spargo

On a whim, I signed up for a class with national folk art quilter Sue Spargo at Material Girls in SLC. Sue was raised in South Africa and has a flair for color and design because of it. The emphasis of the class was on embellishment. Sue has a technique of combining wools, silks, velvets and embellishing with beautiful threads, beads, buttons, etc. She taught us to step way out of the box. I asked Sue to design a red snowflake for my quilt. At first I could tell she was thinking..."Now that's not out of the box, that's off the map!" I briefly explained the significance of the design and that it is my quilt signature. Suddenly it clicked, and she designed a beautiful snowflake with silk thread and beads to adorn the wing of my bird. A big thank you to Sue! I loved the class, and am really happy I took a rare moment for myself to attend.

Lisa, Sue Spargo, Debi Booth and Shanna Larsen

Sue was turning the big 50 in a week, and had designed
a piece to commemorate the event. Each item
she added to the piece had significance.

Fun girls to take a class with.

A detailed close-up of some of her work. I would
be happy to share some of what I learned at an
upcoming gathering of the Purple Cats.

Some of Our Creations...