Thursday, December 15, 2011

Purple Cats Holiday Extravaganza or Lunch at Elements

The Purple Cat Christmas lunch is always one of my favorite events of the season. As usual, we never stopped talking, laughing, or sharing some crazy story. I love these ladies.
The gift theme this year was These Are a Few of My Favorite things. It is always fun to see how we each put together our gift baskets.
Miss Ronda got to open her gift first...a handmade table runner and pocket book (among other lovely things). Linda, you are amazing! Another adapted original design...
Next was Carol...who received gifts from the resident dishaholic. A honey pot, honey, acorn plate, Smartwool socks and...chocolate. Of course.
Ronda's gift to Leisa was in her favorite Beautiful handmade pin cushion, Ginghers, bracelet, buttons and the staple, chocolate!

Leisa looks good in red, don't you think?

Here's a peek into Leisa's delectable gift basket for Linda. A wool Christmas tree (what are you going to do with all that yummy wool?), a beautiful magazine, and other delights.

A tisket, A tasket...a wool project filled Basket!

Jill wasn't the least bit delighted with her gift put together by Lisa. Whatever!

She is now the happy owner of the recipe for Salted Honey Caramels, complete with Fleur de Sel, a candy thermometer, authentic Garlick honey, and a beautiful baking dish.

You may have noticed that Kris is really into color so this was the perfect gift. Antique beads, spools of gorgeous colored threads, buttons, and a book (hollow) in which to hide her stash of Dove Dark chocolate. Yippee! (Someone should have told her she really needed to reapply some lipstick!)

It was so fun to watch each person open their gift and watch their expressions. Carol hand crafted this amazing applique board, included a darling thread guide, and a set of enviable Stabilo pens. Lucky Lisa!

Hail, hail, the Purple Cats are all here. What a blessing to be in this fabulous group for all these years. May there be many more quilts, projects, and treasures to come!

And I heard her exclaim 'ere she flew off to Chile,
Once I get on that plane, Merry Christmas to me!

Monday, November 7, 2011

October at Quail Hollow

Happy Halloween!

Well....... we had a
Themed luncheon
 at Linda's home for our October meeting.
The table was invaded by a spider web
mixed with pumpkin and
Trick or Treat
Prizes for Everyone
Huckleberry Pie Recipe, Notebook & Pencil, Candy and a "If the Hat Fits" Witch's Hat

The Trick was that everyone showed up without a reminder call and the Treat was having such wonderful gals in our group.
Fun Halloween Topper!

Class time!

Carol teaching us her newest applique method with a cool
stabilizer material.  You are amazing, Carol.

Oh, happy times with the Purple Cats!

More Prizes for Everyone -- Leisa gave us all books with sewn pictures of Nursery Rhymes.  See for more upclose pictures of Salley Mavor's incredible creations.  What a delightful surprise for all of us.  Thank you, Leisa!

 I know some of you Purple Cats took photos this day...add them to our blog, please....Thanks!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Two and Twenty Blackbirds baked in a Pie!  Well, at least there were 8!!!  You outdid yourself, Jill.  What a lovely luncheon and gift....thanks a million times over....

Mums and the Flock

More, more, more......

the theme was for the birds.......sorry, ha ha

Dessert wasn't served first, but it's always first in my heart!


Beautifully done table setting on a Postage Stamp quilt.

Gifts from Carol (trip to Germany) and Ronda (trip to Alaska)
Aren't we just the traveling bandits???

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lunch at Ronda's

As usual, we had an awesome lunch served so beautifully.  Thank you, Ronda, for treating us to such a lovely meal. 
Linda brought a surprise to everyone from her Europe trip....fabric and yarn from Finland, charcoal pencil and drawing notebook from Italy.  It's so nice to have friends that think of you when they're on a trip and bring back "treats".
Jill's Spool Quilt--such great add-ons for the thread...
Ronda's new baby quilt for her grandson...we want the pattern!
Leisa Firth's tree for Mark...shhh, it's a surprise.

Lisa Garlic's project inspired by Sue Spargo...Love the owls...Are we as wise?

Carol Armstrong's tree with the cool stabilizer...
A new project was decided upon....ahhh, it's so fun to create.
Happy quilter's all around...feel free to add your other photos!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas With the Cats

Early in December the Cats gathered together to have a relaxing holiday lunch and exchange Christmas gifts.  

 Carol's gift...Mr Jingles

 Leisa's gift...a unique one of a kind pillow.

 Kris's gift...Pillow Gal (I'll call her Esmerelda).

 Linda's gift...snowmannies.

 Ronda's gift...a handmade book.

 Jill's gift...a hand knitted pillow.

 Lisa's gift...a Santa wall hanging.

 Check out the painted purple cat on the page.

 The Loot!

 Well hello Esmerelda...would you mind so very much if I take a couple of pics of your lovely self?

And that's the end!
Merry Christmas Purple Cats

Some of Our Creations...