Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lunch at Ronda's

As usual, we had an awesome lunch served so beautifully.  Thank you, Ronda, for treating us to such a lovely meal. 
Linda brought a surprise to everyone from her Europe trip....fabric and yarn from Finland, charcoal pencil and drawing notebook from Italy.  It's so nice to have friends that think of you when they're on a trip and bring back "treats".
Jill's Spool Quilt--such great add-ons for the thread...
Ronda's new baby quilt for her grandson...we want the pattern!
Leisa Firth's tree for Mark...shhh, it's a surprise.

Lisa Garlic's project inspired by Sue Spargo...Love the owls...Are we as wise?

Carol Armstrong's tree with the cool stabilizer...
A new project was decided upon....ahhh, it's so fun to create.
Happy quilter's all around...feel free to add your other photos!

Some of Our Creations...