Monday, November 22, 2010

Monogram Pillow Day

It was so fun to meet with the Cats seems like it has been a long time since our last get together.  I know I was looking forward to this day.  Linda hosted lunch and designed a wonderful monogram pillow project.

Confession to the Purple Cats...I had such a fun time giggling with you while working on our pillows that I forgot to take every one's picture.  So when I remembered, I snapped a few pics of the remaining cats.

 Linda designed a beautiful pattern, she has such amazing artistic talent.

 A beautiful fall lunch.

 Pear and Parmesan cheese salad...yummy!

 But everyone had their eye on the cupcakes, and they did not disappoint.

Linda has been working on our star quilt.  I can't wait to have more time to work on this project.  Hmmm...maybe January!

 Ronda...dear sweet Ronda.

 Linda and her beautiful smile cutting out some pieces for her pillow.

Thanks for posing girls...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Such a lovely evening...

I just wanted to add these pics I took at the Tropical Dinner at the Firths with my little Sony point & shoot. What a lovely evening. Thanks again Leisa & Mark. Perfect setting, gorgeous table!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Island Dinner

Once a year we try our best to find one night when we can all get together with our sweeties and have some time together. This year Mark & Leisa hosted an Island Dinner and everyone brought delicious food to share. What a fun night we had. It's always so nice to nice to squeeze in some down time to get together and catch up and enjoy the sweetness of summer and good friends.
We really missed Linda & Nathan.

Tropical Island Dinner Menu

Hot Mango Chutney with Brie
on Toasted Tortilla
Fruit Platter
Green Salad
Yellow & Green Rice
Shredded Pork
Garlic Peas
Citrus Shrimp Kabobs
Ginger Peach Chicken Kabobs
Key Lime Pie
Lime in the Coconut cookie
Lemon Mousse
Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

Our happy little faces enjoying dinner
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Thanks everyone for such a lovely evening.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Spring Lunch with Kris

The Purple Cats met this week at Kris's home for a beautiful, delicious and fun-filled afternoon. We are all madly stitching to finish up for the upcoming trunk show at the HMQS Conference next month.
The lovely Kris prepared a beautiful luncheon with attention to every detail.

From the dishes to the daffodils to the homemade lemon curd, she left nothing out.

And look out those beautiful filled strawberries.

And chocolate puddle cookies...just as good as they look.

Homemade lemon curd...also just as good as it looks! I tried mine on toast...mmm!

Miss Carol spent the afternoon trying to keep us organized and on task. It was hopeless. We did finally get through all the business of the trunk show and we should be just about ready.

Leisa was so sweet to help sew the binding down on my quilt.

And then there was Ronda who also helped sew down binding. But oh what a treat she was today. We giggled at Ronda all afternoon...she was really on a roll! We learned that she must have had her children when when was in the 3rd grade as she is so young.

Linda is putting the finishing stitches in one of her Baltimore Album applique blocks...almost there can do it!

Beautiful hands doing beautiful work...Purple Cats at their finest.

Ronda's hands are so sweet and have so many stories to tell.

Jill joined us a little late, but still just in time to have a few giggles.
Thank you Kris for hosting. It was such a delightful afternoon!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas with the Cats

Better late than never? Here we are at Elements for a delicious lunch and even more delectable gifts! We always have such a fun Christmas gathering and exchange. Being the Christmas Nazi has it's coming up with themes: favorite Christmas carols, ABC, colors or other themes. This year someone came up with a truly inventive idea...why not draw names? So we did...last December. About October, 2 of our members just couldn't quite remember who they had, but we got it all figured out and we were back on track!
Can I just say the gifts were all so thoughtful, so individual and so much fun! Lisa gave me DISHES (who knew?) and a fabulous cookbook which I shall be cooking from when my turn for lunch comes in March. Then there was Linda's painting of Jocie that brought tears to everyone's eyes...and handmade ornaments and on and on. What a treat to be with the CATS!
January: This is one for our personal record book. While we were having lunch at Jill's, her daughter was in the hospital just a couple of miles away giving birth to a brand new grand-daughter (that Jill really, REALLY wants to name Autumn). She didn't act worried or panicked....she just served a fabulous lunch of MS macaroni and cheese (which I have been craving for months!!!), a gorgeous salad of arugula and fennel, anti pasto(sic?) veggies and finally a warm lemon pound cake with fresh black and strawberries topped with whipped cream. What a woman!!!
We also figured out that each of us have a lot of sewing to do before May as we ARE a trunk show. Oh, how about adding the Civil War quilt...even though it was a guild project, it was created by our own member(s) and several of us did it. Just a suggestion.

Some of Our Creations...