Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Trip to Finland

Last week we enjoyed a sweet afternoon together at Carol's beautiful home. She "presented" a beautiful home cooked meal straight from the Lap Land. Linda's cute Trevor is currently serving a mission there and it was a real treat. Hopefully she will have recipes for us all to enjoy. The meal was wonderful! Thank you for being such a sweet hostess, Carol.

On to some business .... :)
Next year we are celebrating *T E N* years of wonderful togetherness! Isn't that great? We have been asked to present a trunk show in May at the Home Quilters Convention in SLC. (Correct me if I have that wrong, Carol!) So we will be busily completing as many of our projects as we can. It is fantastic motivation for all of us!
Ladies ~ You are all checked as admin. on here now and I am awaiting two email verifications. (That would be JM & RP) Let me know if there are any problems. I'm not voting to be in charge here. :) If I have left off any of our creations, please add on. I will now attempt to add the blog links! See ya soon!

Some of Our Creations...