Monday, November 7, 2011

October at Quail Hollow

Happy Halloween!

Well....... we had a
Themed luncheon
 at Linda's home for our October meeting.
The table was invaded by a spider web
mixed with pumpkin and
Trick or Treat
Prizes for Everyone
Huckleberry Pie Recipe, Notebook & Pencil, Candy and a "If the Hat Fits" Witch's Hat

The Trick was that everyone showed up without a reminder call and the Treat was having such wonderful gals in our group.
Fun Halloween Topper!

Class time!

Carol teaching us her newest applique method with a cool
stabilizer material.  You are amazing, Carol.

Oh, happy times with the Purple Cats!

More Prizes for Everyone -- Leisa gave us all books with sewn pictures of Nursery Rhymes.  See for more upclose pictures of Salley Mavor's incredible creations.  What a delightful surprise for all of us.  Thank you, Leisa!

 I know some of you Purple Cats took photos this day...add them to our blog, please....Thanks!

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